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Beautiful City

The most beautiful Royal Palace in the world that gorgeous in all Thais's mind. Although how long the time has past, it's still a unique of Thainess never fade and there is a place forbidden missed.   

The host's smile greeted the visitor, showing the kindhearted, generous, and you can see it everywhere in Thailand. For that reason, Thailand got nickname "Land of Smile".

Wat Arun Ratchawararam or  The Temple of  Dawn, when you see the dawn in the morning that shine beautiful gold, it as thought "We can make good things happen every day".

Chao Phraya river as a Thais's blood vessel since the past to the present. Moreover, It's a shipping route for both large and small ship make it keeping the lifestyle along the river. 

Sao Ching Cha or Giant Swing is a  beautiful city center of Bangkok, which became the landmark of Bangkok that everyone come to visit.

Democracy Monument is a memorial for the sacrifices of Thai ancestors who fought for democracy. There is located on Ratchadamnoen Road and at twilight it become one of the pretty point to take a photo.