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Touch Original Culture

Mueang Mallika is a historic site that you can touch the lifestyle of Thailand's ancient era by dress Thai costume, use Pod Duang money, all of this included in Mueang Mallika to make you feel relax and chill all day. 

Agriculture Thailand is rich in natural resources which suitable for planting, whether it is rice, fruits, or vegetation like a adage that "There are fish in the water, There is rice in the fields."

TUK-TUK is tricycle of Thailand that no matter who you go with or go alone, it's also make you enjoy on the road with tuk tuk sound. If anyone has come to Thailand and don't try the classic of tuk tuk, it means you not touch the real Thainess.

Thai Cooking Most of visitors that visited Thailand love the taste of Thai food, most of them learn to cook, and they certainly recipes of authentic Thai cooking back to their home.

Hilltribe live on high mountains and around Thai border. Every hilltribes have their own language, traditions, dress that unique and charming. Moreover, they have simple lifestyle and If you get this experience, it would be the exclusive thing.

Thai silk is a precious heritage of Thailand with unique patterns that can indicative of Thailand by the exquisite delicacy of touch and become popular and famous around the world.

Thai Dance is a performing arts combine with Thai music. There are pantomime, drama and traditional show which has the delicate beauty and unique. If you practice Thai dance, you will touch the experience of Thai art that you exactly can't find anywhere.

Thai Tattoo is one of well known amongs visitors. Thais belief that the tattoo will make person invincible. The most professional and famous is Aj.Nuu Gunpai, even Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie also flew to tattoo with Aj.Nuu.

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is very popular for both Thais and foreigners. It is one of Thai Martial arts that been accepted from all over the world, and people fly abroad to learn Muay Thai.

Mangrove planting is a nursery for marine animals. However, The mangrove forest was destroyed by human cause the ecosystem deteriorates. For these reasons, we have to grow mangrove forests to make ecosystem complete and added oxygen to the earth.  

Merit is the old tradition in Thailand that if you want to touch lifestyle of Thai, you must get up in early morning to make merit, and it will make your mind feel peace, happy and will be the beginning of a good day.

Khan Tok is the one kind of tradition food that travellers almost want to eat when go to the North of Thailand. The host will welcome guests by invite them to join Khan Tok, and became that "If who go to the North and don't eat Khan Tok, it means you doesn't arrive at the North yet." 

Elephant husbandry is one of the activities that travellers must try. You will know how to feed, bathing, and these will give new experience that you never forgot.

Thai massage is a signature of Thailand and the most famous massage in the world that everyone think when they are tired from traveling.

Reurn Thai or The house with Thai style that use architecture represents the uniqueness of Thai. Reurn Thai almost build from wood and located amongs the nature makes you feel cold all day and night.

Silverware has a long history since the Sukhothai period or about 700 years ago. It well know from generation to generation, and becomes a Thai wisdom that is worth keeping and preserving because the craft requires patience and very high delicacy.

Wildlife viewing is one of ecotourism that popular in nowadays. Thailand rich in nature and wildlife, which could make you meet new experiences and make absolutely stunning.