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Romantic Destination

If you go alone to the sea, it would be very lonely. On the other hands, If you go as a couples, it would be very romantic that you can stay with lovers listening the sound of waves, feeling cool sea breeze that helps release heat, sleeping on the beach with lovers, and watch the sunset at twilight. Therefore, a candlelit dinner on the beach, it also very romantic.

At Twilight The sun going to leave the horizon as a reminder to us that today's time is running out, nevertheless before that we can see the sun is going down the horizon which shine a beautiful color and make us can absorb the atmosphere.

Top chart of romantic destination is Promthep Cape with a view of beautiful mountain cut with the beauty of the sea become a perfect mix like the nature has created as set up. Moreover, it become the most beautiful sunset view point in Thailand.

Sea with sandy beaches, it is a picture in your head automatically, when you think about Koh Samui. On the island, there is very beautiful view, tranquil nature, sea waves are beautifully arranged and lovers walking along the beach under the blue sky, with these elements will enhance the sweetness of the couple.

Samet island has a amazing nature that you can stroll by the sea and take a breath of fresh air. In daytime, there is quiet and suitable for swimming or snorkeling. Moreover, you can sleeping, reading, or sunbathing on the beach as well.

Lipe island Many people have heard of this beauty island as a paradise on earth and most of visitors want to touch this beautiful scene, lie down on the white sandy beach, listen to the sound of waves, and watch the stunning blue sea view. If a couple travels here, it's must be the one of special trip.